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In order for basketball players to reach the level of Professional or NBA , they must perform well both on the court and in life.  They must endure all that life brings and look for opportunities that others leave behind.  They must spend tireless hours practicing and crafting their skillset to become the best athlete they can be.  Hoopology Camps look for those qualities in each player, and we demand that they reach deep within themselves to perform at their level of excellent.



Hoopology Camps are designed to provide intimate sessions with players to ensure quality instructions.  This strategy maximizes the benefit each player receives, provides our coaches an opportunity to serve as a true mentor and allows the passion each coach has to improve the lives of the players. 
Critical Thinking
  • We teach how to evaluate issues to formulate good judgment; complex computations and mental math through game theory.
Life Skills and Etiquette
  • We teach decorum and protocol as necessary principles in everyday life through basketball.
  • Etiquette is not just a bunch of silly rules, in fact you can use these strategies in just about any life circumstance.
Physical and Mental Agility
  • We teach these competencies to develop the whole academic athlete for self-awareness.
Character on and off the Court
  • We believe in sportsmanship a sense of pride in oneself and respect of family, friends and community.


​​Hoopology Camps are based upon a clear idea to develop  participants overall academic and basketball skill set.  Camp Head Coach Jim Cleamons, uses his experience as a collegiate,  NBA player and professional coach to teach his philosophy that continues to garner him great success.  Coach Cleamons partnered with former NBA players, the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation and Brotherhood Crusade to create the annual Jim Cleamons Books and Basketball week long day camp for the last 13 years. Cleamons along with his wife enhanced the idea and began Hoopology Camps in Columbus, Ohio using a similar model to develop and mentor academic athletes to become effective leaders in their community or as they say CHAMPIONS.  Jim played with and learned from the best, which fuels his ambitions to teach practical life skills and the sport of basketball.  He is known for his collegiate era with The Ohio State University basketball team, and NBA Championship coaching with the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan phenomenon.